First part of installing a Slab and Screed designed floor at a property in the Salisbury area.

Our team have been working with the amazing @rmouldingandco at a beautiful property in the Salisbury area. The owners are having installed the Slab and Screed designed floor. As you can see from the photos, recycled foam glass, geotextile membrane and geogrid have been placed so far! Looking forward to returning soon to install the slab 💪

CPD – An Introduction to Limecrete Flooring – Thursday 8th June 12pm

Join Sarah Woodger, our Director of Operations, on Thursday the 8th of June, for our CPD on An Introduction to Limecrete Flooring. Please email to be sent a link to the online zoom meeting. We look forward to seeing you!

New Build Eco Home Mix and Lay

Last week the team were staying local in lovely Norfolk, laying a limecrete floor in this stunning new, eco home!

Barrowing in the limecrete from Ronnie Renault, one of our amazing volumetric batch mixer lorries.

Foam edging is used to create a barrier between the walls and the limecrete. No edge left unfinished!

Resulting in a beautiful finished limecrete floor that will be ready for its final floor finish after its initial set!


Meet Dylan (and his gorgeous kitten Bilbo 🐈‍⬛)

Dylan has been with The Limecrete Company since October 2018 and is our Office Manager. He is our very own Tech King and is responsible for the accounts, making the quotes and along with Sarah, any technical assistance you may require! He is extremely helpful, thoughtful and has a big heart!

Dylan is very accomplished, and as well as working for us, he is studying accountancy and learning to play the guitar. He has a real zest for life and loves to go and watch music and theatre performances and enjoys climbing when he has the time.

5 Reasons why our volumetric batch mixer lorries are incredible!

1. We have 2! sally Scania and Ronnie Renault. They are driven by our amazing and experienced drivers Richard and Peter.

2. They mix the correct ratios of lime and aggregate – no person forgetting how many buckets of material they have loaded in!

3. Limecrete ingredients are forced through an auger to combine them – this stops the lime balling together as can happen in a conventional drum mixer, reducing mixing time and ensuring consistency.

4. We travel all over Great Britain mixing limecrete for our team to lay or for others who are laying it themselves!

5. Reduced waste and mess on site – as the lorries mix as they go, there is no need to over order.

Spotlight on our team 🌟

Sarah Woodger is our Director of Operations, our company Mum, and our style queen 👑

Sarah has worked with The Limecrete Company since March 2015 and is incredibly enthusiastic, passionate, and knowledgeable about Limecrete Flooring and its benefits.

She is logical, forward thinking, creative and runs our company with integrity and authenticity.

Sarah is always willing to answer any questions or queries people may have, and runs our online CPD sessions.

Outside of work, Sarah’s interests include, spending time with her friends and family, collecting vintage clothing, music, dancing and playing scrabble.