Why Choose Limecrete?

Photos from another project in Norfolk.

Why was a limecrete floor chosen here?  Limecrete is breathable. Water vapour can escape through limecrete. If a building has a waterproof floor, ie concrete, then any water vapour would tend to travel underneath and across to, then up the walls, causing damp areas on walls and often damage.  Using a base of recycled glass before the limecrete avoids the issue of moisture wicking up.

Limecrete is widely specified by architects to protect old buildings. It is also used more and more in modern homes due to its breathability, eco friendly nature and the fact that it can be recycled at the end of its life.  It can be combined with underfloor heating.

Please call to discuss the benefits limecrete could bring to your project, give your building the chance to breath.

Another beautiful building and great access!

Open fires are a central feature but can’t beat  underfloor heating for warmth and convenience



The finished job

Traditional flooring with a modern twist

Breathability returned


Laying eco friendly glass foam insulation in an old coach house in preparation for limecrete

Bringing breathability into an old Norfolk Coach House – Stage One

Well tried and tested system of unloading insulation

Experience is everything. Getting the levels correct before slight compaction

Great feature wall!

Strategically tipping out the insulation

Sexy boots take an outing to Dorset

Lots of photos showing the full process on another interesting project that we have had the privilege of being involved with.  Including a picture slipped in of the new boots on a shy model!

Laying the geotextile cover on the levelled ground

Compressed recycled foam glass insulation levelled and ready

For those interested in the underfloor heating

Underfloor heating in place ready for stage 2

Interesting feature!

More teamwork

Finished product

And the photo that you have been looking for – sexy boots

Return visit to a sunny Oxfordshire village

Always good to be back working with a great Site Manager who understands and appreciates what The Limecrete Company team can achieve, thank you Pierce Butler, Links Groundworks for your kind words which are much appreciated.

Stunning building

Ready for the first layer of geotextile



Geotextile down and recycled foam glass going down



Recycled foam glass lightly compressed and level


Recycled glass down


Limecrete lorry now mixing

Underfloor heating has been laid and fixed on top of the geogrid

Good short distance from auger to wheelbarrow here,

She has done this before!

Cracking on

Nice sun and rain attachment for the operator

Nearly there

Great review, thank you Pierce Butler, Link Groundworks