Established in 2006,The Limecrete Company has dedicated itself exclusively to crafting exceptional limecrete floors, setting a high industry standard with our specialised knowledge and expertise.  The company’s sole focus is on the installation of limecrete floors – The Limecrete Company provides an unrivalled specialist service!

As a flexible and breathable alternative to concrete, we initially appealed to building contractors by introducing a bespoke limecrete installation service, leveraging our custom-modified volumetric mixers. Years later, our offerings have expanded to serve contractors,  homeowners and advisors involved in renovating older or listed properties and modern new builds.

Our selection of services includes:-


  • Mix & Lay (full installation): This is our comprehensive and most popular full-floor installation service.  Once the floor has been excavated to the required level, we arrive to lay the membranes and compact the recycled foam glass. If underfloor heating is to be installed, we will lay the geogrid. After the heating engineers have laid and tested the underfloor heating, we return to mix, supply and lay the limecrete, ready to receive the final floor finish.


  • Mix & Lay (limecrete only): Your floor will be ready for our expert team to supply and mix the limecrete layer only, laying and levelling your new floor ready to receive your final floor finish. The insulation layer and underfloor heating would be installed and tested before our arrival.


  • Limecrete Direct: We will supply and deliver limecrete to your site, our expert driver mixing to the correct consistency onsite. The limecrete will be offloaded from the volumetric mixer directly to wheelbarrows for laying by your team.


Introducing insulated limecrete sub-floors into your project


Limecrete boasts a multitude of advantages for your home, workspace or project. Modern limecrete systems offer exceptional insulation, breathability, and flexibility, collectively contributing to a healthy living or working environment. Limecrete behaves like other natural building materials such as timber, straw, and earth, allowing water vapour to pass through it. Limecrete can be particularly effective in cases when concrete has caused issues by pushing damp out to the walls and is widely specified by architects to protect historic buildings.

At The Limecrete Company, our impressive portfolio showcases our commitment to preservation and innovation. We have worked on a diverse range of projects, encompassing schools, churches, cathedrals, stately homes, and social housing developments. Our passionate and dedicated team takes immense pride in their craftsmanship, regardless of project size.

Join us in embracing modern systems that harmonise with the fabric of your building. Together, we can forge a brighter and more efficient future for your living or working space.

The Limecrete Company provide limecrete floor solutions all over the U.K.


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