The Limecrete Company was established in 2006, the company’s sole focus is on the installation of limecrete floors – The Limecrete Company provides an unrivalled specialist service.

Our company was appealed to by building contractors to provide a Limecrete batching service using our specially modified volumetric mixers.

Our selection of services includes:-

  • Limecrete floor Mix and Lay (full installation of floor from point of excavation including insulation, Slab/Screed, excluding UFH and floor finishes)
  • Limecrete Slab/Screed only (Mix and Lay elements of Slab/Screed only, using our skilled team)
  • Limecrete Direct (Providing mixed Limecrete, direct to wheelbarrows for others to lay)

Bringing environmentally friendly alternatives into mainstream construction

Limecrete has many advantages aside from the obvious green credentials. Modern systems are well insulating, breathable and flexible, creating a healthy space in which to live and work. The challenge has been getting these sustainable materials into mainstream construction. With the implementation of large scale projects this breakthrough finally appears to be happening. The Limecrete Company now has an impressive back catalogue of sustainability and heritage work including schools, churches, cathedrals, stately homes and social housing developments.  Our team is motivated and committed and can be proud of both the standard of their workmanship and their contribution to finding modern solutions to the issue of climate change.

The Limecrete Company provide limecrete floor solutions all over the U.K.

Contact us for a free quote, we would love to hear your plans.