Passive house (Passivhaus) barn conversion. Beautiful self build project near Fakenham

Last week we installed approx. 160m2 of well insulated limecrete flooring to this amazing self-build barn conversion. The owners will be achieving passive house standards with their project and it was an honour to be a part of it.

The walls are straw panels from Ecococon and the amazing insulating external lime plaster, which is sand free, was developed by Martin at Best of Lime. Plaster was applied by a local family firm; Maltby Plastering.

The architect for the project, Straw Works have also provided a write up about the project. Barbara Jones is a natural building guru!

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2 thoughts on “Passive house (Passivhaus) barn conversion. Beautiful self build project near Fakenham

  1. Hi,

    I was looking at the projects page on the Straw Works website and noticed that Ecococon was working on a home in Fakenham. Googling it, I found your page and it looks like the same property. But it looks like it happened last year. I would love to see more of the process.
    I live in Kettlestone, which is 3 miles from fakenham and I’m really interested in the natural building process rather than houses stuffed with plastic insulation. I’m currently contemplating either retrofitting where i live, or relocating to another house to retrofit, or self-building. It’s all just ideas at the moment.

    Many thanks, Shane

    1. Hi Shane We can contact the owner of that property to ask his permission for contact if this is useful for you?

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