Limecrete Arches at London Bridge Crossrail Station

A big day for the Limecrete Company! We have just delivered the first load of limecrete to London Bridge Station Crossrail project! It’s gonna be big!

4 thoughts on “Limecrete Arches at London Bridge Crossrail Station

  1. What are you building here? Most of your pictures show no detail of the construction itself. I would love to see more of the project.

  2. Hello,

    id be very grateful if you can share with me about the building properties of hempcrete and its availability for building houses in rural areas!? I am currently developing such project and will be very interested to find out about your experience with hempcrete.

    Looking forward to hear back from you

    Kristiyan Siderov

    1. Hempcrete is available for use in both rural and urban settings. If you would like a quotation please email us the project details. Thank you.

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