Limecrete Solutions

This is an editorial piece that we wrote for Ecclesiastical and Heritage World.

Limecrete floors combine traditional wisdom with modern technology. Limecrete breathes with traditional building materials, respecting the original fabric of the building, and is used without a damp proof membrane. The insulation layer prevents moisture ingress while allowing damp to escape and also enables the building to be heated effectively for the comfort and health of the modern users.

We recommend the system designed and tested by Ty-Mawr Lime which uses recycled foamed glass as the insulating and anti-capillary layer. This has the added benefit of being a recycled product rather than a quarried material, further improving the ecological credentials of limecrete. Lightweight crushed pumice is used as the aggregate for an even better insulation value, which is especially important in saving energy and money when underfloor heating is installed. We have never experienced a single problem with this system in its utilisation over the past four years.

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